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Business park- Woustviller Business park- Woustviller Business park- Woustviller

Business park- Woustviller

Woustviller 9 ha available Price per m² of serviced area: €10 excl. tax/m²

Area summary

  • Total area: 50 ha.
  • Available surface: 9 ha.
  • Surface of the largest available plot: plots divided according to demand.
  • 7 km south-west of Sarreguemines, 4 km north of the A4-E25 Paris-Strasbourg motorway junction.
  • The Woustviller business park currently hosts around thirty companies and employs over 1,300 people.
  • This area is home to all types of companies such as RENZ FRANCE, PERIFERI and the POST OFFICE SORTING CENTRE.


Services provided


  • Pipes: 125/140 mm. Pressure: 4.2 bar.


  • Medium voltage (20 kV) and low voltage (240 V or 380 V) supply.
  • Available electrical power to be validated with ENEDIS in accordance with the project:
    – Low voltage: up to 249 kVA.
    – Medium voltage: Private electricity substation from 250 kVA.


  • National natural gas grid. Available pressure: 4 bar.


  • Treatment of industrial water and effluent prior to discharge with a discharge agreement.
  • Separate wastewater and rainwater drainage.
  • Wastewater: 250 mm diameter pipes connected to the wastewater treatment plant.
  • Rainwater: end pipes with a diameter of 1,000 mm joining a stream (no outflow rate limitation on the plot).


  • Telephone network: 3 x 42/45 or 2 x 42/45 ducts Very high speed network of 12 fibres per plot: 2 x 56/60 or 3 or 2 x 42/45 ducts. Complies with the very high speed label.

Employee services

  • 2 inter-company day nurseries: the Atelier des Lutins in Hambach within the Europôle and the Bulle Enchantée in Sarreguemines on the southern industrial estate.



  •  Located 4 km from the Sarreguemines A4- E25 motorway junction. Beside the RN61 main road for local links with Sarreguemines, Sarralbe, Sarre-Union.


  • 75 km from Metz-Nancy-Lorraine regional airport. 15 km from Saarbrücken airport. 120 km from Luxembourg-Findel international airport. 120 km from Strasbourg-Entzheim airport. 130 km from Frankfurt-Hahn airport. 35 km from Zweibrücken airport. Sarreguemines aerodrome: business aviation (800 m runway).


  •  Sarreguemines passenger station.
  • TGV and ICE Paris Est (High-speed train) at Forbach or Saarbrücken (25 km) for Paris and Frankfurt.
  • Sarreguemines-Saarbrücken tram-train link


  • Access to the canalised river Sarre at Sarreguemines (canal des Houillères de la Sarre). 300-t barges. 55 km from Dillingen
    (Germany) river port on the river Saar canalised to European gauge.

Further informations

Accessibility on site

  • 4 km from the A4 motorway junction. Site service roads 7 m wide.

Studies already carried out

  •  Preventive archaeology, impact assessment, environmental assessment, water legislation assessment, soil mechanics analysis, urban planning review.

Technical information

  • Possibility of constructing a building of more than 15 m in height: no.
  • Nature of the land: public.
  • Site registered in the approved PLU: yes.
  • Development procedure: Concessioned mixed development area (ZAC concédée).
  • Zoning of the site: Area under the regional aid scheme (ZAFR).
  • Zoning of the site – benefits in terms of aid or tax/social exemptions: yes.
  • Exemption from the municipal share of the land development tax.

Main companies



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