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Industrial land for sale – Saint Avold

For Sale Saint-Avold 187 ha Price on request

Summary of the offer

  • Total available land area: 187 hectares
  • Located in the heart of the CHEMISIS platform on the Emile Huchet site
  • Integrated industrial site oriented towards energy production and chemical activities for the production of innovative products and materials
  • Land free of construction as of 2022
  • Ideal site for a project requiring significant heat/steam consumption
  • Development project of the territory supported by the State and local institutions

Description of the offer

Characteristics of the Emile Huchet site

Steam production from alternative fuels

  • Steam flow : 30 t/h
  • Nominal pressure : 25 bar
  • Nominal temperature : 250 °C
  • Estimated commissioning : 2024

Steam production from gas boilers

  • Equipment: 3 boilers, 2 buffer tanks
  • Heating capacity: 3 x 250 kW
  • Steam flow: 3 x 20 t/h
  • Nominal pressure: 26 bar
  • Nominal temperature: 300 °C

Access to natural gas

  • Natural gas withdrawal point: network operator: GRTGaz – capacity: 39,000 MWh/d (HCV), minimum pressure 36.5 bar and physical capacity available for the supply of new power generation facilities
  • Natural gas regulating station

Access to the electrical network

  • RTE substation
  • High voltage substations

Production of demineralized and decarbonated water

  • EH6 equipment: 1 CO2 eliminator, 1 iron remover, 2 ion exchangers (anions & cations)
  • Demineralized water production flow rate: 96 t/h, maximum 200 t/h
  • Storage : 1 000 m3

Water supply

  • Guaranteed daily capacity: 47 000 m/day
  • Maximum hourly capacity: 2,350 m3 /h
  • Additional storage capacity: 250,000 m3 (basins)
  • Discharge points: 2 in the natural environment dedicated to the site (Bisten and Diesen) that can be developed into a treatment plant

Location and access

  • Land located on the CHEMISIS platform
  • On the Emile Huchet industrial site
  • Near Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg

Further information

Mobilizable aids

  • Financial support: the site will benefit from the implementation of an ecological transition contract
  • Regulatory assistance: relaxation of regulations, even authorization to waive certain standards, etc…
  • Technical support: technical expertise, energy and ecological diagnosis of the territory, etc…
  • Assistance in the social field: HR consulting, qualifications/certifications, etc…


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